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As an animal lover, you can make a difference for the homeless, unwanted and mistreated animals in our community. Read more

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Bark In The Park 2013

Bark in the Park 2013

When: Sunday October 13th, 2013 @ 11 am

Where: Festival Park at Hamilton and Water St.

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We are people. We are the voice and the protectors of those who cannot protect themselves. We educate through our donations and community strength. We protect the inherent rights of all creatures through activism and pride in our own communities. When most are talking the talk, we walk the walk. We produce results by way of our individual drive and cohesive group activism.
We are the Do Nation.

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Join the Ameren Efficiency Recycling program and support the Peoria Humane Society! Details can be found here. The orrganization name is Peoria Humane Society, and the group ID # is RR11-975.

Thanks to our Fantastic Volunteers

Much of what we do as an organization would not be possible without the support of dedicated and caring volunteers. More than 150 PHS volunteers currently give their time and talents to make a difference for animals in our community. Over the past year, volunteers collectively contributed more than 4,000 hours of their time.

Volunteers work daily with the animals at PAWS. Dogs are taken out for walks and given individual attention and play time. Cats are cuddled and provided with the comforts which cats so dearly love – soft beds to curl up in, toys and treats. Volunteers give baths and grooming to improve the appearance and comfort of the shelter animals. Many of our volunteers enjoy photographing the animals (not an easy task!) to provide photos for the shelter's website. They assist with adoption counseling, foster care, animal transport, and clerical duties. Some are involved in pet therapy or children's programs, as well as special events and fundraising.

It would be difficult to describe the "typical" PHS volunteer. Our volunteers range from high school students to retirees, age 16 to age 80. In between are others who make time, despite busy careers and families, to volunteer. The one common thread among them all is their love and respect for animals, and their desire and commitment to make a difference for them.

Volunteers cannot be thanked enough for all that they do. Sometimes their most meaningful "thank you's" come in the form of appreciative tail wags, purrs, and sloppy kisses!

"Often people who care about the plight of homeless animals are overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem. And it's true that no one person can save them all. But if you can make a difference in the life of even one animal, let alone hundreds, your contribution is invaluable." … Author Unknown.

All animal welfare groups are not the same

Contrary to common thought, humane organizations and animal control agencies aren't all connected. Many people think that all groups with "humane" in their title belong to a national group or are a franchise of a bigger organization. That's not the case. Humane groups typically are local private organizations governed by boards of directors who live in the community. These groups depend on their citizens to support them through donations, adoptions, and other contributions. They do not receive funding or direction from national organizations like the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, or others. In fact, contributions made to national groups do not support local efforts to house, adopt, or treat homeless animals.

Animal control agencies generally fall under governmental control - usually operated by a City or County. Each governmental body that provides animal control services sets the policies, ordinances, budget, and staffing levels for the program. Although many animal control agencies consult each other on issues, they do not share in funding or governance.

The Peoria Humane Society remains a locally supported not-for-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals here in our area. The PHS relies on the generosity of area citizens to continue its important programs including education, low-cost spay/neuter, community awareness, and support of homeless animals in the shelter.

Peoria County Animal Protection Services operates under the umbrella of the County of Peoria and offers comprehensive animal control services within the County's limits. Donations made to either of these organizations help local animals and local pet owners.

Questions? Call us at 309-682-9015.

Kuranda dog beds

Help shelter cats by donating cat scratchers

Cats love to scratch! Why not give them some added exercise and the ability to scratch at the same time with Stretch and Scratch cat scratchers. More info can be found here.

Having a Behavioral Problem with Your Pet?

Call our Behavior Helpline for assistance at (309)672-2440, or e-mail us at

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